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How would you go about acquiring 800,000 sqft of commercial space all across Philadelphia? Well… Ask Ken Weinstein!

For 30+ years, Ken Weinstein has worked as a real estate investor in Philadelphia. Focusing on vacant and deteriorated properties, Ken started his own company, Philly Office Retail, which has grown steadily. Over the years he has purchased and restored over 800,000 sqft of commercial real estate. He has received six (6) Preservation Alliance Community Awards for his company’s work in unique adaptive reuse projects.

But Ken’s favorite passion is his company, Jumpstart Germantown (which has expanded to Jumpstart Philly and several other chapters nationwide), which teaches those in the community to do what he does and help them get the financing to do so!

In Prosperity REIS’ new series featuring incredible Philly online casino payid withdrawal Real Estate stories, we’re excited to kick it off with a man who has committed to making Philadelphia a better place for over 30 years. In this interview, our CEO, Kirk Waechter, speaks with Ken about how he accomplished these huge achievements, why, and what his goals are for the future. Thank you, Ken, for working with us on this project! Know any great Philly Real Estate stories?

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