When You Buy & Sell With Prosperity,

You’ll Save Time & Money.

The MOST Savings With the LEAST Amount of Stress

Our listing agents work to get you the highest return on your sale,

while our buying agents help guide you to your goals.

When we put both to work for you,

you’ll earn a rebate up to $700 in addition to saving on the flat rate commission .

Save Even More

Our full service agents will sell your home for a flat rate listing fee. Choose to bundle and we'll give you up to $700 back at the closing table when you buy your next home with us.

Twice the Professionals, Twice the Focus

Buying and selling a home are major milestones. Our specialists are expertly trained and ready to walk you through every step of the way.

Don’t lose any sleep

Your purchase and sale will each get the focus they need. Having specialized agents means every ‘t’ is crossed, and every ‘i’ dotted.

Smooth from beginning to end.

The buying and selling agents have separate focus, but work together to make sure there are no hiccups in the process.

How much if your home worth?

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What's the traditional listing commission

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Prosperity Listing Commission

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Savings With Prosperity

You save
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Get started saving {{ savingsAmount | toCurrency }} with Prosperity now!

Customize the Process to Fit Your Timeline

Buying First?

Connect to one of our wealth building specialists to make your purchase for a flat rate of $3,500 when your present home is sold with us.

Selling First?

Get matched with an agent to make your sale, and we’ll give you a rebate of $700 when your next home is purchased with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter if I buy or sell first?

No, we’ll honor this offer whether you need to buy or sell first.

Can I have the same agent for both ends of the process?

Due to the detailed nature of buying and selling a home, agents need to specialize in one side of the process. This ensures that each step will be handled with care and precision.

Is there a time limit on the bundle?

At this time, the offer is open-ended.

Are there any home purchasing restrictions?

No. We simplified the process of calculating commissions by presenting a flat listing fee. This allows all of our clients to enjoy the bundle rebate.

Are there any location restrictions?

You are able to purchase a home in any of the areas we service. Please contact us for service area information.

Can I use more than one rebate to buy the same home?

Only one rebate may be used per purchase.

If I am gifted a rebate and am making a purchase of my own, can I stack rebates?

We currently allow only one rebate per bundle transaction.

Can I sell my rebate?

No, though rebates can be gifted.

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