Zillow Review from Marshinmellow

Bought a Townhouse home in 2019 in Brewerytown, Philadelphia, PA.

I was/am a first time home buyer and I was put in touch with Steve through Zillow. He responded very quickly. From the beginning, I appreciated his calm demeanor. He began taking me through the steps and outlining what I should expect. From there forward, working with him was easy. He was accommodating—even letting me know if there was a period of time that he wouldn’t be available (not that this was common, it wasn’t). And he was easy to talk to. I felt comfortable.

Regarding negotiating, I ran into a problem that looked like it was going to delay closing for an indefinite amount of time. I was on a tight schedule to move and needed my need of a place to live to be met on a short timeline. Steve was my advocate and listened to my every request. Occasionally he had to mitigate my expectations—points that were well made and I understood. During a period of very high stress, I felt that he maintained putting my best interests forward and negotiations would not have resolved as quickly without his hard work.

Overall, I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase, and I would suggest to those people they should be honest and forthright. When he had the information, Steve worked well on my behalf. It behooved me to be frank with him. Lastly, Steve knows a bit about construction and building. I would also say people can depend on him to give them quality support regarding the homes they may be considering. This is an extremely beneficial skill for a realtor to have.

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